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Product Failures

The Crisis

A national fitness company with over 80,000 products had a customer experience a product failure. The customer’s product failure made it to multiple online platforms and the company experience a ton of outrage and backlash from customers demanding answers and a response.

The Work

We identified the crisis using our online brand reputation monitoring tools and notified the client. We then worked with the client to develop a clear message in response to the product failure that addressed the issues and concerns of the customers. In the statement the company shared the following information.


  • How they planned to resolve the issue for the customer who experienced the product failure

  • The  course of action for other customers who also bought the product

  • How customers can reach out to them who have additional questions or concerns

  • Assured customers that their satisfaction and safety is what drives all the decision making   

The Results

The company issued a statement on the platforms where the product failure was discussed and within a few days the bulk of the backlash fizzled out. The product in question was returned to the company for additional testing so that the proper modifications could be made in order to ensure the safety of their customers.

The company also released an updated statement providing information about the new design, rigorous testing, and timeline for when the affected customers would receive their newly designed product.

The situation required an aggressive plan of action in response to the product failure.If the company remained quiet and didn’t respond the damage could have been far worse.

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